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As a member of the community you should expect to be treated with respect at all times, but we must always treat members of the community and wider public with respect at all times regardless of circumstance.


We are a group of paid professionals, we should always endeavour to work as such. Performing our duties to the best of our capabilities for the better of the foundation, and the communities it fosters.


We should treat every person that interacts with us courteously and honestly. Helping them to deliver their own needs, and project needs.


As a group of people, who are entrusted to make sure that the foundations services are maintained and well looked after, we are aware that we are always accountable for our actions both as individuals and as a team.


We as a team have a responsibility for the maintaining and security of the foundations infrastructure. We are trusted to make decisions that are for the better of the whole community. We need to always strive to work responsibly and openly, working in such a way that others trust us to make the right decisions for them, the projects, and the foundation.


The ASF is world renowned for the software which it produces. The infrastructure that underpins it may not be so well known, but it should only be there to serve as a platform for the software to excel. Everything we utilise and make available should be the best option available to allow the projects to continue to grow.


We are all members of the same foundation, we should work closely with people who approach us and volunteer to help us. Where we make use of project software we should collaborate with that group where we can to help both groups.